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  • How effective are detox masking flushing products?
    Our products have a 99% + success rate when used correctly – we are here 7 days to offer advice! All of our detox / flushing / masking products have a “Clear Window” of around 4 hours – as we advise some clients need to “double up” the products (e.g. Stat Flush and B-clear) when they have high levels of toxins present. Please call us to confirm. For 14 years we have always done our best to offer honest advice. Unlike most other sites and detox manufacturers, we have a lot of feedback based on experience. Sometimes we advise, “look, all the flush drinks in the world might be a struggle if you’ve been taking massive amounts up to the morning of a test. Use the synthetic urine/whizzinator technique”.
  • Which detox product should I use?
    To test the speed at which you metabolise a particular substance (everyone is different) use test cards to test your urine at various intervals (refer to natural detox timing averages chart). This is the best way to determine the type of product to use. If you have a slow metabolism it may be best to use a synthetic urine product. People with faster metabolisms may find a detox drink more suitable.
  • I’m in urgent need of help, how fast can you deliver?
    All orders are sent by Australia Post EXPRESS SATCHELS – we go the extra mile and pay extra for the Platinum service which is signature on delivery and more regions covered overnight! (If you don’t want the signature on delivery, please tell us in order notes). Unfortunately Auspost Platinum does not guarantee next day delivery to certain areas. Please check your postcode using the following link to determine delivery times. Orders received by 1pm are dispatched same day. You will receive a tracking number via email when your order has been dispatched. Our deliveries are always discreetly packaged. We value your privacy.
  • How long will my urine be clear of toxins after taking your products?
    You will be clear for up to 4 hours. We always recommend the following timing – the first 2 hours after consumption is the optimum time frame to deliver your sample.
  • Could laboratories tell if I have used your products to pass a test?
    Our detox products contain common ingredients found in everyday food and other natural products such as herbal extracts, carbohydrates and popular vitamins. They are not detectable adulterants or chemical masking agents, they actually flush your system and thus cannot be detected.
  • But can’t the laboratories test your creatine levels?
    The Australian Procedures for Specimen Collection and the Detection and Quantitation of Drugs of Abuse in Urine” (AS/NZA 4308:2008) allows for the testing of creatine levels (low levels) in a specimen to determine if masking agents have been used. There is no upper limit to creatine on the validity test, only a lower limit. DO NOT overload yourself with water or you risk being asked to return as a DILUTE. Our flush products contain creatine in specific quantities to enable your urine to pass a masking agent test.

Frequently Asked Questions

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