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Using Synthetic Urine To Practice Medicine In A Lab Environment


One of the most common uses for synthetic urine is in laboratories, where it’s used to practice medical procedures. In order to do so, lab workers would use a dummy with an internal bladder that has been filled with fake pee (usually at least one gallon), and they will then drain the liquid into a sink or toilet if needed.

The advantages of using this technique are twofold: It gets doctors accustomed to working with patients who have diabetes by providing them experience in measuring their blood sugar levels; furthermore, since artificial urines come in many different shades and consistencies (ranging from clear/watery to dark brown) it becomes easier for doctors-in-training to identify what type of renal disease might be present.


Using Synthetic Urine For Pranks

What could be more of a laugh than covering your roommate’s bed with urine? Not much beats that laugh! Doing it with synthetic urine will make sure the chance of getting a blue eye is close to 0! This fake urine is perfectly healthy and doesn’t contain the horrible toxins that natural human pee does.

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing someone else’s face after they take their first sip from an iced tea that had been sitting there all day and then find out it’s actually just fake pee?

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